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Hiring A Wedding Coordinator

"Our Family" just keeps growing...................

Looking for someone to comfort you, support you, guide you and help you

 navigate through ALL the details of Orchestrating & Coordinating Your BIG Day?  

We have GREAT NEWS!!! 

I am SUPER Excited to have become known as

 One of Indy's Best Wedding 

Decorators & Coordinators!!!

"I take great pride in my work and cherish each client relationship as something Special!" 


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Ashley......My "Daughter" for The Day:




The Indianapolis Yacht Club ~ Geist 


I remember this day so vividly.  As we worked hard to get things ready, I had hardly eaten a thing.  As, I pressed a few of the Chair Sashes that had gotten wrinkled,  Ashley came around a few times to try to get me to eat, but, the time was ticking and I wanted things to be "just right".  

It was "showtime" - a smile of approval came over me as I looked over everything - It was just BEAUTIFUL! 

As the night ended.........Ashley pulled me to the side with tears in her eyes to say "Thanks"!  She expressed her appreciate for my work & efforts to create her PERFECT WEDDING DAY!  She said, "I felt the worked on things like MY MOM would have"!  Now, I'm in tears.....because, yes, that's me....I put my heart & soul into my work & my clients, well, they aren't just clients, but, they become part of My Family!  

To one of my NEWEST Additions - Ashley with Love! 

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Our Services:

Option #1

Our "Jump-Start" Your Wedding Planning Services


With this option, like a Mom or Big Sister beside her beloved daughter/sister.........I will be by your side at the start - Your Engagement!  Helping you to get all "your ducks in a row", so to speak, to get your planning off to an EXCELLENT START.  I will help you figure out all those little details like:

*Your Budget

*Your Bridal Party

*Your Dress

*Your Flowers

*Your Decor

*Your Venues

*Your Vendors and EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN!!!

Click HERE to learn more about how to Jump-Start Your Wedding Planning!

Option #2 

Your Wedding Helper

(Our Day of Decorating Services may be included)

What IF???  What if you could have someone to come in and execute your plans hands-on to ensure that EVERY LITTLE DETAIL was in place at Your Ceremony site, at the Reception venue...........Your Aisle & Altar Decor, Your Flowers, Your Centerpieces, Your Table Settings?   Basically, someone who can "bring your vision to life"!  

Someone who would be there to add those Special Little Touches to Your Sweetheart Table........................the ones that when you sit down for the FIRST TIME as Mr. & Mrs.............they immediately bring a smile to your face and a sense of joy & comfort inside - "What a Beautiful Day".................It is just as you dreamed it would be? 

This is THAT!!!  This package is designed to allow us to do just that for you.  We will help you on YOUR WEDDING DAY to "bring your vision to life" adding all those Special Little Touches that you have in your mind (or on Your Pinterest Board - Lol).  

Our Day of Decorating/Wedding Helper Services is a great option for the DIY Bride/Couple or anyone who just needs a little assistance with setting up Day Of for Their Special Day.   In fact, most who opt for this package provide all the materials.......we do all the rest!    Our basic package starts with 4 hours: 

Use the 4 hours ANY WAY you choose ~ for a single service or combine services as needed 

Choose from the following:

*Decor/Design Consulting

*Decorating & Styling Services

*Wedding/Reception Pre-Planning Assistance

*Reception Decor Set-up, Tear-down or Both

*Other Assistance as needed by the hour

Click HERE to get more information about Our Day of Decorating/Wedding Helper 


Option #3

Our " Day of  Wedding Coordinator" Services 

Let one of Indy's Best Wedding Coordinators be the one in charge - hands-on making sure everything happens EXACTLY AS YOU ENVISIONED & EXPECTED on Your Big Day!!!  You along with all your family & friends can relax!  

I will provide services with the same loving care and concern of Loving Mom!  I take great care to make sure every little detail of the day is addressed.  I will also take charge like that "Mother Hen" & make sure everyone is in line and ready when its "time to get things going"!  No need to worry.................................when "Mom" says "it will be ok, its always ok" expect nothing less!   With this package ~ "No Need to Worry, It will be Ok"   

The biggest question now is...........How long? 

You may choose either: 

*Partial Day - Up to 4 hours

*Full-Day - Up to 8 hours

**Depending on your needs, additional hours may be added as needed for a great hourly rate. 

Click HERE to get more information about Our Day of Wedding Coordinating Services

Option #4

Our All-Inclusive A - Z 

Wedding Coordinator Services

This is IT!!!  An All-inclusive A-Z Package especially for you ~ From your ENGAGEMENT on to and thru the END OF THE DAY on Your Big Day!!!   

Having someone - not just anyone, but, one of Indy's Best Wedding Coordinators be with your side EVERY SINGLE step of the way from

 The Day you say "Yes" to The Day you say "I DO"! 


*Listening to you

*Helping you 

*Guiding you

*Supporting you


*Comforting you 

Right there by your side when it comes to making all those hard decisions...............................Using all that love, wisdom and experience to help you make the RIGHT Choices!    How valuable would that be???

Again, THIS IS IT!!!  This package will be like having a 2nd MOM right there by your side every step of the way, for every decision, for every event, for every little detail along the way!   I will help you to make sure all your "i's" are dotted and "t's" crossed!  From Day 1 (Your Engagement when you say ~ YES) to THE BIG DAY (Your Wedding Day when you say ~ I DO)!     

Helping you with those hard choices/questions: 

Where should the Ceremony be?

What venue would be best?

What type of materials and equipment will we need?

What should the altar/aisle be like?

What type of menu would be best?

What type of table settings, centerpieces and decor should we have?

What type of flowers & bouquets should we use?

What type of music should we play?

Where do we find a Good  Caterer, Photographer, Decorator, DJ & Florist?

Get help answering these questions and many, many more with this option!

I am always here to provide a listening ear...... always ready to help & provide helpful advice.  

Got Questions???  Need some helpful
"Motherly Advice" from someone with experience who cares?
I'd LOVE to help....
"Your Unique Experience Designer"
"2nd Mom for The Day"!
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